Love Corps Kids Club Statement
This year, our Kids Club Theme is “Made for a Purpose.” We believe that each child was made in the image of God. Our vision is to allow children to know and understand God’s purpose for them, which is to love God and love others. We have prepared interactive bible stories and we believe that God will work through us during Kids club. This year, as you already know, our theme is based on the story of the Good Samaritan. Yes, it is about helping and loving others and ultimately living a life with God’s purpose. So, the VBS can be seen as sectioned into 3 categories. The first three days will be about the basic Gospel. There will probably be children who don’t know the very basic creation story or the story of Jesus. So, Day 1 is about God creating the world and us, Day 2 is about sin and how Jesus had to come, Day 3 is about the Holy Spirit, and Day 4 and 5 are the stories about 2 characters from the bible that lived according to God’s purpose and with God’s heart. Day 6 and 7 is specifically about healing a broken hearts.