Training camp is a place where members of Love Corps participate in fellowship, restoration, and rejuvenation prior to their missions to the First Nations People of Canada. We believe that your own spiritual journey with Christ is just as important as sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, therefore training camp is a time for you. In that sense, training camp provides an environment and community devoted to self-care and reflection, while also providing group settings for fellowship with your own team, but also members of other teams from all around Vancouver and Canada. Through seminars, workshops and guest speakers it is our hope to equip members of Love Corps for the task at hand. In addition as much as we emphasize your personal journey, we also believe in the importance of being part of the one body of Christ. Through activities, events, meals, and general free time you will also have many opportunities to talk to others about their own spiritual walks, past Love Corps experiences and daily lives. Here at Love Corps we want training camp to be a place of restoration, rejuvenation, learning, and ultimately a fun and lasting memory. We hope that through this experience you not only grow your own spiritual walk with Christ, but also create many relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.