Rev. Sung Deuk Hong


Hong is filled with visions and dreams to bring revival to First Nation brothers and sisters. He has founded and named “Love Corps” for the native mission in North America when he was pastoring Surrey Presbyterian Church back in 1991. He is currently serving as a full-time missionary in Ahousaht. Pastor Hong and his beautiful wife Esther Oh serve not only Love Corps summer mission trip, but he travels all around Canada to share the love of God to First Nations people. He is passionate about witnessing God healing the broken hearted and raising up leaders among the First Nations people of British Columbia.


Rev. Bruce Brown


Rev. Bruce Brown is from the Haida Nation from within Haida Gwaii. He attended Seattle Bible College and graduated from there in 1973. He was then called to Massett Pentecostal Church in 1974. Rev Brown was ordained in 1982 and in 1987 he became the Senior Pastor at Vancouver Native Pentecostal Church where he has been ministering for the last 25 years. Rev Brown is well respected within the PAOC and has been a Section Presbyter for the past 8 years. In addition, he sits on many boards and committees across Canada bring a First Nations voice to the discussions.


Joon Choi

vice President

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Christine Choe