• How old do you have to be attending Love Corps?
    18 and Older, (If you are under 18 then must be accompanied by a pastor or Leader

  • How to register?
    You can register online (We do not accept written registration form

  • How do I make payment?
    Cheque payable to Love Corps, address: 15964 88th Ave, Surrey BC V4N 1H5

  • Which village am I going?
    As an individual or from a church sending less than 6 members you will be placed according to current needs

  • What do I need to bring?
    Sleeping bag (must!), change of clothes, toiletries, couple of towels, comfortable shoe, Bible
    Optional: Extra pair of shoe or sandal, electronic equipment, musical instrument

    Spaces are limited in the bus and vans therefore please limit baggage to one sleeping bag and one small luggage per person
    Carry extra spending money for emergency, expensive electronics and jewelry at your own discretion